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No Deposit Instant Games, Skill Games and Scratch Cards 2024

About Skill Games

The Skill Games Tournements, skill not only luck.

A skill game is a tournament where player intervention is decisive in determining the outcome of the tournament. In a skill game, a player with superlative ability should be able to consistently beat others with lesser ability.
Skill-games are most popular and some casual games, like Solitaire, Bejeweled 2, Luxor and Cubism in which players compete against other players for cash and prizes. All of the leading games sites, including AOL, MSN and Yahoo! and hundreds of other popular Web destinations, offer skill games on their sites.

Skill games are removing the chance elements, the ability of player is the character of game. Unlike gambling games, no person can expect to win a skill game by mere random moves or as a result of one or more favourable chance events. This difference is recognised not only in practice, but in the law as well. Many skill games tournement, are open to US players after the passing of UIGEA.

People usually take part in a tournament type of event and the person who gets through all the rounds and wins the final generally takes home the prize although there may be a skills game league and the top few winners are awarded with various prize monies.

Skill games are generally easy to play but difficult to master and a lot of players that take part in competitions invest a lot of hours into developing expert levels of skills in these games. This can be time-consuming and many people do not view skills at gaming to be a money making possibility but the various skills games competitions are slowly changing this view as more and more people are supplementing their income and even making a living by competing in events involving skills games.

Most skill games, though, can be broken into five major categories, based on the type of game and the skills that it requires to be successful playing it: Arcade games, Board games,Puzzle games, Word games, Casino skill games.

Featured BackGammon


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Rummy Games History

no deposit bonus Rummy is a family of games all sharing the "draw and discard" structure. Besides this unique play pattern, the main goal is to get rid of all of the cards in your hand by forming either sets or runs. All of the Rummy games contain some kind of a scoring system making the play for money much more attractive. There are many theories regarding the origins of the Rummy games, each one attributes the invention of the game to different people or nations around the world.

The Orient
One of the earliest card games to incorporate this play pattern is the Chinese card game from the 18th century named Mahjong (see also, Mah-Jong, Mah-Jongg, Mai-Jiang). Soon enough, many western versions appeared worldwide, bearing names such Conquian, kanhoo and others. The common assumption regarding the swift spread of these card games and their variations is attributed to Chinese immigrants, British and Portuguese merchants who were familiarized with the game during their stay in the mainland.

Some versions trace the Rummy origins to the Spanish game "Conquian", brought to America by the Spanish communities to immigrate west. David Parlett considers this game to be the ancestor of all Rummy games, and mentions its similarity to the popular modern game of Gin Rummy.
Rummy is a family of games that share a similar structure. All these games include a similar game play pattern that consists of drawing and discarding a card during each turn. This is done in order to help players meld the cards in their hands into sets and runs. A set is a three or four cards meld of the same rank. A Run is a three or more consecutive cards of the same suit.

The most popular variant of the Rummy games is Gin Rummy. Most versions state that the game was invented in New York during the early decades of the 20th century.
It is believed the game's name derives from its inventor's fondness of the alcoholic drink of Gin. The game became most popular when it was adopted by Hollywood's elite and famous movie stars back in the 1930's for they enjoyed playing this exciting and quick game on the set during takes. Another reason for the Rummy games' popularity is believed to result from the great depression period, when people did not have many financial resources to engage in outdoors entertainment activity, and turned for some indoors quality time with family and friends.

In the last couple of years, many Rummy variants have gone online, offering players from all over the world to join in play and enjoy the variety of Rummy entertaining qualities. Whether it's about people who grew up playing the Rummy games, or the new ones to pick them up, the Rummy games are here to stay for many generations to come. Joining people in play and providing them with the ultimate quality time, the Rummy games continue to play a dominant role and always have a special, fun and exciting variation to offer to each and every one of us.

Backgammon from 1635 to the Internet Era.

Most everyone loves the game of backgammon but have you ever wondered about the origin of backgammon? It goes back a very long way, over 5000 years ago. It is believed to be the oldest recorded game in the world and is believed to have started in ancient Mesopotamia, which is present day Iraq. The name backgammon in English is derived from the word "back" plus the Middle English word "gamen" which means game.

Backgammon was played by the ancient Romans, but was called Tabula and was slightly different than the backgammon we know today. Tabula means "table" or "board" since the game was played on a special board. This game has some resemblance to the Egyptian game Senet, which dates back to 3000 BC.

The game of Tabula was very similar to today's backgammon and players used the same kind of board with 15 pieces allotted to each player. The object of the game was the same as it is today where the players had to get all their pieces removed from the board in order to win the game. The first one to do this was the winner. In ancient times there was a little difference in that no pieces were allowed on the board at the start of a game, but had to be entered by rolling the dice. Back then three dice were used instead of two. The rest of the game was played out the same as we play today. After they entered the board they played their pieces around in the same direction as we do now.

There have been recent excavations in Iran that shows that a form of backgammon was in use as far back as 3000 BC. Some of the artifacts that were found were such things as two die and sixty pieces. This set is believed to be one hundred to two hundred years older than the oldest set found in the Ur.

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